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treated equally in many ways

Still everyday life: Discrimination in health care

Anyone who comes to a doctor's practice or healthcare facility relies on being treated professionally and without discrimination. Especially people with HIV need constant and competent medical care because of their chronic infection. Again and again, however, they encounter insecurity, ignorance, prejudice or even rejection by doctors and medical staff.

Similar experiences are made by LSBTIQ patients and people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This often leads to multiple discrimination, e.g. on the basis of sexual identity and ethnic origin, which can lead to inadequate medical care.

Make your practice a "safe place for everyone"!

It doesn't have to be like this: With the PRAXIS VIELFALT seal of quality you can go ahead and show that things can be different. Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe certifies medical practices and health care facilities that welcome people with HIV as well as with diverse sexual, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, meet their needs and ensure non-discriminatory health care.

This not only benefits patients whose care improves and who receive additional orientation when choosing a doctor or practice. Your institution will also benefit by standing for diversity and showing that trusting communication is important to you. You increase the quality of your treatment, know more about the lives of your patients and can respond better to their needs. Knowledge and empathy form the basis of a trusting good doctor-patient relationship, the basis of good health care for all participants.

70% trans* People report on negative experiences in the health care system

37% gay men do not talk to their doctor about their sexual identity